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Even though people didn't respond this way, Jim imagined that everyone must be privately thinking these things about him. Many are "self-medicating" -- using addictive substances to cope with their mental problems. She is the author of Radical Breakthroughs to Overcome Addictions note: Members can discuss this workshop in the Message Boards HERE note: Members can discuss this workshop in the Message Boards HERE Obie-host: Please join me in welcoming Linda Lufkin. A Pathway to Healing: One Woman's Journey through Depression Depression is a medical condition that affects the body, mood, and thoughts. It affects how one thinks about hings, and one's self-perception.As a result, he would sometimes begin to share only to freeze with fear and find himself unable to talk. Social service professionals usually do not like working with these "dually diagnosed" people because they can be so demanding and time-consuming. A depressive disorder is not the same as a passing blue mood.That it meant nothing and you felt compelled to do it?Or is it the look of confusion, anger, and pain in their eyes when they realize it really happened? In my last manic state, I cheated on my husband with some college student I found chatting online. The worst part about hypersexuality is that you are never satisfied.Codependent’s Forum Love/Relationship Addicts Bulletin Board (Consumers, Families & Clinicians) Adoption (Adopted People, Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents) Families of Alzheimer’s Disorder Antisocial Personality Disorder When Your Partner is a Chronic Liar Anxiety & Panic Attacks Bulletin Board Attention Deficit Disorder (consumers, families and clinicians) Autism Forum (Definition, forum and chat). Narcissistic Personality Disorder FAMILY Chat Narcissistic Personality Disorder Forum (Consumers, Families, Children, Significant Others and Parents).Chat Room Email Support Group (BP Today Bipolar HELP! OCD Forum Addison's Disease Fibromyalgia Forum Chronic Fatigue Forum Chronic Pain Forum Anxiety & Panic Attacks Bulletin Board Parent Forum (Step Parents, Single Parents, Parents Who Lost Custody, Parents Lost Children Through Children's Services, Parents at Risk for Abusing Their Children, Chemically Dependent Parents, Working Parents, Parents with Mental Health Disorders, Lost Child Through Abduction, Teenage Pregnancies, Those Who Have Had Abortions, Parents with Acting Out Children). Pet Loss Forum Big, Bold & Beautiful Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Chat PTSD Today Bulletin Board (General Discussion, Victims of Violent Crime, Sexual Abuse Survivors, Domestic Violence Victims, Pet Loss, Family General Discussion, Families of Suicide). Volunteers are still being taken by writing the director here.Jesus is the Great Physician and He has compassion beyond measure. Even when we have acknowledged our need for help, we may find ourselves hesitating, finding excuses, resisting. Jim's Dad had made cutting remarks about him all his life. The trend toward "deinstitutionalization" of the mentally ill has meant that our city streets are now being flooded with people who at one time would have been hospitalized for their problems.Resistance to getting help is often the result of a mixture of fear and despair and shame. Jim was so accustomed to hearing that he was lazy and stupid and irresponsible that every time he shared in his support group, he expected to hear these same hurtful comments in response. As many as half of them are also addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

This symptom of bipolar mania is essentially an overindulgence and compulsive obsession with sexual content and interactions. He was sweet and funny and talking with him kept me occupied. For me, the flirting and dirty talk were fun and harmless. Over time, the mania grew stronger and stronger and I began to say and do things that I would never do. Unfortunately, the desire to contact him again ate at me. Since then, I've been fighting the urge to contact him again. But when I start to get manic, it becomes difficult.Which if you knew the person I used to be a decade ago in high school, you’d not only be shocked but utterly flabbergasted by my actions! You feel an overwhelming compulsion to do something about it and you have to ACTIVELY resist what your body is essentially trying to do on autopilot.If you’re interested, the whole story can be found on my blog. I do get some of the other symptoms of bipolar mania: the racing thoughts, insomnia, and feelings of grandiosity. To be honest, when I was having the affair I had no idea what the word was or even that I was manic! Despite all that, there was a part of me that knew something was terribly wrong and that this was completely out of my character. If you’re not careful, you’ll do something you’ll later regret.We understand the frustration you may be experiencing regarding mental illness.It is extremely difficult for doctors to treat and they often do not understand the anguish you are going through personally. The Christians in Recovery Web site is loaded with hundreds of pages of information and files designed to help you learn more about and conquer depression and various mental health issues: Health Polar Talk with others who are in recovery. | see: Part 1 We resist getting help In spite of the abundance of God's love and grace and the many ways in which love and grace are available to us, we do not easily reach out for the help we need. First, we find it hard to believe that God is How can we help the addict who is also mentally ill? Understanding "Dual Diagnosis" -- Up to one-third of today's homeless adults are mentally ill.