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But tonight he joins us to discuss two new films, the romantic comedy, “5 to 7”, in which he plays an aspiring novelist who has an open affair with the wife of a French diplomat, and “Broken Horses”, a very different kind of movie set against the drug war at the turbulent American-Mexican border. You like it or is that like the toughest thing in the world to do? But it’s beautiful because it allows life to just go, you know. Tavis: So that scene, I think, gave a little bit of what the film was about, but how would you describe the film? Tavis: Of all the stuff that you have done, I mean, you’re just getting started, yet you’ve done some good stuff already. You know, like I was thinking about “In a Lonely Place”, the Nicholas Ray movie. Like this, I thought when I read it, it was so well written. It’s amazing to have a filmmaker from India come to the states and bring back what is essentially a Hollywood tradition, you know. So I know you’ve been asked this a thousand times, but not by me, so indulge me. As Page Six reported, Jacques Hyzagi skipped town for Hollywood after trashing Elle’s Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers and its then-news editor Anne Slowey (not to mention the New Yorker, Politico, the Atlantic, Vogue, GQ and New York magazine) in a legendary Observer story that documented how Elle “ruined” his interview with Commes des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo.Hyzagi landed a job in LA as a producer for Tavis Smiley’s eponymous PBS show — and now he’s published yet another piece excoriating yet another former employer.

Yelchin: Well, it’s amazing to me because you don’t really realize, I mean, the impact, the cultural impact of it until you start to research it unless you grew up with it, I think, in the 60s, if that was something that you saw and grew up with. I just feel like I’m really lucky to be doing what I’m doing, so as long as I keep doing it, I’ll be happy. “5 to 7”, a romantic comedy, and this other project, “Broken Horses”, another good film.

The film is being praised by critics and audience alike, taking home the Audience Award at the L. [Clip] Tavis: If one had any doubt that love is a family affair [laugh]… Tavis: One only needs to see this project, this film, “Meet the Patels”. They did talk shows last week when they opened the movie in Chicago.

Mom and Dad were doing talk shows, doing Q&As in front of 800 people. Tavis: Not to mention that, if they were trying to set you up, I understand the name Patel is like Smith in the United States. Tavis: So you might have been hooked up with somebody who you’re related to anyway somewhere down the road. If every Patel watches this movie, I don’t need Tavis Smiley to get people on board [laugh], I’ll tell you that much [laugh]. There’s a Patel–everyone has known or met–you never met a Patel, Tavis? Tavis: I guess I’ve been hanging out in the community, I guess. It’s like a job resume, except it also has height, weight, skin tone and all these things.

Again in the Observer, Hyzagi writes in the article — entitled “P BS” — that Smiley took a “f - - k buddy” on a trip to the Dakota Access pipeline protests, and then instructed Hyzagi to tell colleagues that the paramour was Hyzagi’s girlfriend to protect Smiley’s alleged office romances.

He further accuses Smiley of “rigging” a presidential debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson by making up questions supposedly written by viewers. was surprised to discover that for all of her rhetoric about Trump being an empty vessel being filled up at will by the Alex Joneses of the world, she had no idea who [philosopher] Leo Strauss was”), dubbed Amnesty International director Margaret Huang “clueless” and called “Silence of the Lambs” director Jonathan Demme “a washed-up dimwit who got lucky to option a Thomas Harris book.” Hyzagi tells Page Six that he “didn’t go there with the intention of writing” about Smiley, but was provoked by what he saw as the host’s “hypocrisy.” A rep for Smiley said, “Tavis Smiley has been a highly respected and award-winning broadcaster for [more than] 25 years. Hyzagi, however, was terminated after a mere 22 weeks as a producer on our television program.