Best geek dating site

The Passions Network is a large web of online dating sites, each one focused on a particular point of interest.Among the likes of Music Passions, Fashion Passions, and Pets Passions, there’s also Gaming Passions which aims to help gamers match up with other gamers in love and romance.Plenty of Geeks began in 1999 and has had thousands of members come and go over this period.This is the third version of the site which has been switched across to the Bone Fish Limited service in February 2001.Welcome to the UK's biggest dating site for Gamers.

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The truth, however, is that video games are barely mentioned after the initial sign-up.

Unfortunately, past the initial sign-up, the gaming aspect of the site is quickly proven to be irrelevant.

This seems to be a common problem with many niche dating sites.

Comic books, video games and other self-described “geeky” interests have gone mainstream. In fact, geeks are cool, and most have no problem getting dates.

So, what’s the best way geeks can meet other geeks?