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They were also believed to be gift to humans from a Sun goddess in Sami mythology.

However, some reindeer were also ritually drowned in lakes, for under the surface lies realm of underworld, that was common belief in pagan Finnish religion.

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, meaning they prefer to hunt at night.

During the day, however, they generally rest and sleep, which puts them at some risk.

He renamed himself Shi Huangdi (First Emperor), a far grander title than King, establishing the way in which China would be ruled for the next two millennia.

Today he is known as Qin Shi Huang, meaning First Qin Emperor.

When the Qin state emerged victorious from the Warring States period in 221 BCE, the state's leader, King Zheng, claimed the Mandate of Heaven and established the Qin Dynasty.

The Qin Dynasty was one of the shortest in all of Chinese history, lasting only about 15 years, but it was also one of the most important.

With Qin Shi Huang's standardization of society and unification of the states, for the first time in centuries, into the first Chinese empire, he enabled the Chinese to think of themselves as members of a single kingdom.

He built the Lingqu Canal, which joined the Yangtze River basin to the Canton area via the Li River.

Owls are very interesting birds; in western cultures, the owl represents wisdom (a belief dating back to ancient Greece), while in African, Central & South-American cultures they are feared as harbingers of ill-luck and death, and in the Middle-East they’re also thought of as bad omens.