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Together, we’ll create a community where status updates, job titles, bitcoins and “busyness” models are worth little…and individuality, self-expression, community, friendship, and memories are what matter most.People as far away as Singapore are logging on to check them out."I think it's going to be crazy, I think the cuteness factor of it, I think we're all going to really appreciate it," said Scott."Just another way for me to have something to connect with the kids about, something on a positive level," said Klarkowski. Our city draws visitors from all over the world to enjoy our unique setting, old-west history and enjoyable climate.

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Condor #111 is a 21-year old female that has been a breeder since 2001, with four surviving offspring in the southern California flock.

My first guess is some kind of machine that moves the air or maybe it moves the water through the plant troughs ?

I've never seen the plants before in here- think this is one I have to revisit during the day when I'm not seeing reflections in the glass.

And there's a good chance they'll return next year."They mate for life, they're territorial so once they nest in an area they'll normally come back," said Klarkowski.

For students, it's a chance to experience nature firsthand."I've never even seen an owl in real life until they came here," said Scott."The teachers are livestreaming it in classrooms so they're talking about it in class, as well," said Klarkowski And these owls are going global.