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Despite his character's death in the twentieth episode of the first season, Somerhalder returned to the role of Boone for seven more episodes between 20, including the series finale.

Somerhalder was one of the first actors to be cast in a role for the series In 2009, Somerhalder appeared in the movie The Tournament where he played the role of an assassin participating in a lethal competition with other assassins.

And now he was dead and she was a mess and I was - Well, I didn't really know what I was. And she wouldn't even let me open the curtains. Soon enough, they'd be too big to hide the truth from.

I didn't even think she had a clue that I felt this way about her. I hadn't made it particularly obvious, but then again I hadn't bothered to hide it. I didn't know when the last time she got out of bed was.

said its goodbye to Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite Mac Intyre), most of the characters' turmoil came to a head Thursday.

The hour, which was directed by series co-creator Julie Plec, featured a pregnancy reveal and engagement for Jo (Jodi Lyn O' Keefe) and Alaric (Matt Davis) as well as Jo giving up her magic to Kai (Christopher Wood).

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) reflected on his inability to say a proper goodbye to his mother when he was a teen and found the proper way to eulogize Sheriff Forbes in the present.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) realized that Caroline was planning on shutting off her humanity to deal with her grief.

Unflinchingly serious, with one pencil-thin dark eyebrow raised, Mc Crory takes a slow sip of her coffee before allowing a glimmer of a smirk to give the game away.Several templates and the re Fill tool are available to assist in formatting.(re Fill documentation) and by the age of 17 he decided to go into acting. My eyes trailed lazily around the window, spotting every speck of dust. I caught sight of myself in the mirror as I passed it, noticing my dramatic weight loss. Damian was screaming, his little balled up fists punching the mattress of his cot. I rolled over in bed and glared at the sunlight streaming through the cracks in the curtains. Hated being locked up in here, but I hated not being locked up in here just as much, if not more. I bolted upright in bed, before quickly realising that it was Damian. Lifting myself out of bed, I winced as my ankles took the weight of me.