Android setsummary not updating

I was hoping that screen would reflect the change the user made in the master chime on / off toggle from the widget.The preferences are saved with a Preference Editor in the App Widget Provider.This is interesting if you would like to change dynamically the locale value for example.In this case, working with the manager is not enough because you want a full reload of titles and values.The exact display format is * dependent on the type of preference. The recommended way of doing it now is to use Preference Fragments.

Later in the day that user may use the widget to turn off the master chime on / off toggle and then if the user taps the app icon to call the app, the preference screen with be the last screen the user was looking at.However, I am confused as to how the lower level screens are being displayed.It looks like they are actually dialogs, not full Activities since on Pause/on Resume is not called when moving between them.Based on the following code, can you tell me how to refresh the Preference Activity window to show changes in the settings immediately?For example: the user taps the master chime toggle checkbox to true (ticked), I would like the user to immediately see the other settings such as the Chime On15Past checkbox also be be true (ticked) .