Android gmail not updating

When Google created the Chromebook line, it had yet to define a niche.It was unclear if Chromebooks were intended for casual web browsers, kids, those new to computers, or any host of other defining factors.Instead of reading your email as it arrives, we'll ask you to start checking your inbox at set times each day, preferably for fixed amounts of time.If your work requires you to be at a computer, you'll need to disable notifications to break the cycle of constantly checking.The issue mostly affects Gmail on Nexus devices running Marshmallow (but other apps, devices, and Android builds have also been reported).Two weeks ago, Gmail 5.10 rolled out but the updated app only fixed synchronization for Hotmail accounts, not other types and most importantly, not Gmail accounts.

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Android phones have made e-mails a lot easier for us.

When emails stop syncing you may not be aware of important things at work.

This is why we have come up with solutions to fix the email not syncing problem on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Before we get into solving the problem, we would like to make sure the most obvious step is covered.

If I sync manually, I immediately see the pending messages. I've double-checked the phone's auto-sync toggle and the notification settings for the gmail app and for this particular gmail account, in the app and in the Application Manager.

Other devices receive push messages in gmail for the same account.