Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we only need a few of them to believe Aaron Rodgers has indeed given his girlfriend Destiny Newton an engagement ring.

Busted Coverage proves once again that you can't get anything past them as they report Rodgers' girlfriend Destiny Newton was rocking some serious bling recently.

Given Robin Roberts' mostly warm reception to coming out, now might be a good time if he's ready to take that step.

Update: prominent website claims evidence that will confirm Aaron Rodgers gay rumors.

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In fact, the high amount of “Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors” search activity made the A-Rodg material the most viewed NFL content on the site. Now even with his relationship to Olivia Munn (which some of even branded a distraction) lots and lots of people out there seem to think Rodgers is still a homosexual.While that on its own may not be enough evidence to say whether Aaron Rodgers is gay, many have cited his conversation with Milwaukee Mag - when he said he judges people based on how they treat Kevin, who is "not a famous person" - as proof that the two are more than friends.In the days following Rodgers' 30th birthday (December 2), Lanflisi took to Twitter to share more cryptic messages with his followers.Lanflisi has been the Super Bowl champion's plus-one at more than one awards ceremony, including the ESPYs in July.Neither has shown up to such events with a female companion.