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Ten years ago, a sharply divided Congress decided to pour billions of dollars into subsidizing the purchase of drugs by elderly and disabled Americans.The initiative, the biggest expansion of Medicare since its creation in 1965, proved wildly popular.For the first time in seven years, the New York Times aired a commercial during the Academy Awards. “But I think their slogan — Marty Baron, please forgive me for saying this — sounds like the next Batman movie.” Baquet isn’t the only one who has compared the Post’s slogan to fiction movie subtitles.The topic of the ad was “the truth.” “The truth is hard to find. The truth is more important now than ever,” the Times ad states at the end. Medicare’s failure to monitor what doctors are prescribing has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on excessive use of brand-name medication and exposed the elderly and disabled to drugs they should avoid. Hurley talks to patient William Sanders at his outpatient clinic in Beech Grove, Indiana.

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He was also ordered to pay a fine and serve community service, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet was asked over the weekend at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, which slogan he likes best — the Washington Post’s “Democracy dies in darkness” or the New York Times’ “The truth is more important now than ever,” Ad Age reported.

Stephen Curry and NBA officials were most emphatic.

It now serves more than 35 million people, delivering critical medicines to patients who might otherwise be unable to afford them. But an investigation by Pro Publica has found the program, in its drive to get drugs into patients' hands, has failed to properly monitor safety.

An analysis of four years of Medicare prescription records shows that some doctors and other health professionals across the country prescribe large quantities of drugs that are potentially harmful, disorienting or addictive.