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A3, the band configuration remains unchanged[Air Prime Q26extreme only] L3MM message is always followed by a “DPRAM RTC POLLING OK” trace. is incorrect after AT&F is given when the SIM is not present in the Air Prime Q26Ext Embedded module. should display the default settings of SM memory instead of ME memory in this scenario.Due to this regular occurrence backtraces area become full after sometime and backtrace is received. When PDP context is activated with AT CGACT=1,1 whereas an incorrect APN was set with AT CGDCONT, CME ERROR: 134 is received.I am trying to update a local JSON file with a button click to update the state of the button. Unfortunately I cannot help you with this solution now.Currently i am able to get the JSON file and read all button state. Now i want to change the button state to true/false in the JSON file when anyone want to change using some button click event. I'll let some links that might help you apart from the one I already posted: 1 - Express PUT. Hope it [email protected] Dantas thank you for the quick reply. the links which you send me is the part which is from the angular 2. i want to handle this put request in nodejs with express.Not sure if it has to be with it being done on a mac. Exit Code; 0x13 i'm using a usb dos and I've downloaded a few copies of the firmware.Not sure if it has to be with it being done on a take is that P24 package updates both the BIOS and firmware on 9260 card, but P29 package updates firmware only!In HAPC mode (TMT, Developer Studio) if a command with length more than 128 characters, then command it is not executed successfully.

) [57361.143551] microcode: CPU8 sig=0x106a5, pf=0x1, revision=0x11 [57361.165602] platform microcode: firmware: agent aborted loading intel-ucode/06-1a-05 (not found?But flashing with the library though the jtag debugger gives me this error: Hi, Thanks, we can certainly investigate this.Please let us know whether you get an error during the FLASH programming or it succeeds, but then the firmware fails to start?Embedded Application built with a version before Sierra Wireless Software Suite 2.31 (and sending IPR or ICF command on a physical port) has to be rebuilt with this Sierra Wireless Software Suite.When downloading FXT009, SL6087 and Q2687 Refreshed for US with R7.43.0.